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A dedicated CSCS registered and HS&E qualified project manager who will be your main point of contact on and off-site is assigned to every installation. Your project manager can call upon a number of in-house services including architect trained AutoCad and 3D Cad specialists.

If you have drawings we will work from them. If you don't we can survey from scratch to produce panel layouts which will allow us to co-ordinate with you to plan services such as cabling, grid connection and battery storage.

We are obliged to conform with all the rules applicable to domestic installations. Please see the Domestic Installations page for more information.

From time to time we publish leaflets and guidance notes which you can access by selecting the thumbnails below:



We can install solar panels on virtually any kind of roof providing it can take the weight and withstand upload forces. Assessment requires a structural survey in all cases. Generally commercial installations are connected into Three Phase electricity supplies and can involve several inverters.

Our installations are planned to cause minimum disruption to your commercial operations. The increasing use of hybrid and electric vehicles is leading to widespread adoption of charging stations in customer and staff car parks which can be complemented by solar parking bays and battery storage.

These installations give your carbon saving policy high visibility and inevitably in years to come the public will come to expect them to be in place as they become more aware of government policy and climate change issues. As a viable Public Relations concept with a real purpose behind it it makes very good sense.

Generally commercial projects will require scaffolding in addition to which we provide all of our own safety equipment including harnesses if required. On large scale projects we will liaise with your FM staff on such matters as site safety and delivery and storage areas during the course of the project.

Smaller installations on commercial office and workshop units can generally be undertaken in a matter of days without any requirement for planning permission and with minimal involvement by your staff thus minimising impact upon your business operations. Commercial

Terms and Conditions of Sale differ from Domestic and can be seen here: Commercial Ts & Cs.

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