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Britsolar is an MIS3002 standard solar system installer registered with NAPIT. We are inspected annually without fail to ensure that we conform to the highest standards. As such our installation teams are fully insured and certificated to carry out every aspect of your installation.

Because there is a significant probability that your installation will be subject to a rigorous independent quality check after it has been commissioned it is important that everything is done properly.

From time to time we publish leaflets and guidance notes which you can access by selecting the thumbnails below:



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Domestic installations require the following:
  • A pre-installation survey by a competent qualified engineer.
  • A calculated prediction of how much power your system will generate each year and how much you could save.
  • Details of your electrical supply including you MPAN number, consumer unit capacity etc. to plan cable routes and supply connection.
  • Space assessment for inverter and meter locations.
  • Energy efficiency property details.
  • A structural assessment of your roof.
  • A detailed quotation including a 14 day cancellation option.
  • Statement of payment terms and Conditions of Sale.
  • Conformance to consumer protection practice.
  • Details of ongoing service and maintenance options.
  • A comprehensive Risk Assessment specific to your property.
  • Scaffolding which typically costs between £400 and £600.
  • Notifications to several third parties to conform with Building Regulations, and Electrical Supply arrangements.
  • We are obliged to make you aware of our Terms and Conditions of sale.

The first step is to assess your roof space which we attempt to do online, from which we can produce an initial panel layout drawing. In most cases planning permission is not required. The exceptions being listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas.

If planning permission is required we can handle the application paperwork on your behalf. Most installations are carried out in one day and systems typically cost between £1,500 and £5,000 excluding scaffolding. If extra work is required such as roofing, chimney stack repair, correction of electrical faults etc. this can be carried out at extra cost for which we will quote. VAT is included at the concessionary rate of 5%.

Typical Solar PV Installation Prices
 Capacity Panels Price
1 kW 4 £ Latest
2 kW 8 £ Latest
3kW 12 £ Latest
4 kW 16 £ Latest


Please read our Terms & Conditions of sale for more information. For further information please call us on: 0203 291 2821.


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