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We offer an operation and maintenance service which includes solar panel array cleaning and specialist system checking including short circuit current testing, quarterly monitoring of power generation and long term performance analysis which allows return on investment and energy saving costs to be calculated.

With this data available ongoing efficiency can be monitored and potential performance improvements assessed in line with new technology developments. Examples of this might be subsequent installation of power diverters, solar parking bays and hybrid and electric vehicle charging points for employees or the utilisation of company vehicles as overnight power storage backup.


System problems encountered to date include burnt out switch connections, meter failures and inverter failures. Quite often performance drops off simply because of panels becoming covered in moss, tree pollen or pigeon droppings.

One customer contacted us when she smelled fish in her fuse cupboard. This turned out to be a badly connected isolation switch which was sparking and causing cable insulation to burn away. Left unattended this could have caused a fire.

Another customer had a panel damaged by a golf ball which was easily replaced by our safety harness certificated team without needing to install scaffolding.

Typically, following the solar boom and bust bubble bursting, we find poorly installed systems. Generally the electrician's work has been carried out to a high standard but short cuts have been taken with the panel installations leading to connector problems, loose panels and cables rubbing on concrete tiles causing insulation damage.

In most cases the original installers have ceased trading and disappeared without trace which is why we are asked to sort out the problems. In one case a generation meter had failed and when we went to replace it we discovered that the three year old job had never been signed off so that the customer had lost three years of Feed in Tariff. Fortunately, after some detective work, we were able to get things back on track complete with the original Feed in Tariff rate.

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